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Trufaux Sho

May 26, 2018

The Infamous Gordon Rupe gives us a little taste of his new work “Rants and Raves”. Plus, we get into some of his past, both in literary and literal forms. This was such a fun chat that I took some time off afterwards….should’ve posted it first though, I guess. Actually, what happened was the snow melted and suddenly there was a lot of real work to do around the “farm”. I was racing to get the edit done and post it before Libsyn’s cutoff time and coincidentally Gordon says that he quit podcasting when it became work. So, I took his advice and quit for a month. But, I’m not really a quitter as much as a procrastinator. To me, everything is in its place in space and time. And the show must go on. Enjoy the chat!



00:02 - Neighborhood Nerd Watch

00:04 - Gordon Rupe

00:05 - Cruzing with Steak podcast

00:18 - George Carlin quote

00:23 - Hale-Bopp Cometh

00:30 - Jonestown

00:35 - Finis Bates

00:37 - Web of Pawns

00:45 - Rants and Raves

00:58 - NRA opposes armor piercing bullet ban?

01:30 - Amazon is paid to ship

01:34 - Drug testing

01:50 - The Mummy

01:52 - Cruzin with Steak

02:01 - Anicca

02:03 - Stefan Molyneux

02:12 - Gordon Rupe . Com


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